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These steganographic works include both hidden animals and hidden titles expressed in Caesar, Morse code, and other systems.  Hidden animals are drawn using branches, negative space, the contours of hillsides, and other pieces of the landscape set at varying depths in the space of the picture. The number of hidden figures is often used as an encryption key.

Scroll down to the gallery to see encoding examples and hidden figures highlighted.

Landscape elements are used to express 5-bit binary numbers. For example, a five leaf plant with leaves pointed up or down can be read as a number if you take an upward pointing leaf as a 1 and a downward pointing leaf as a 0. If the pattern is up, down, up, down, down then that is 10100 in binary... a 5. (NB - I construct my binary numbers backwards with the least significant bit as the leftmost or topmost bit depending on orientation. You can't read the code properly if you don't know that. In this system 10100=5 not 20.) The fifth letter is E. That plant represents an E. 

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Fast zombies, oceans of blood, and a slammin' punk soundtrack with Thee Windom Earles, The Gobs, Dope Sweater, and more!

Full game out 03/08/2024

Get it on Steam.

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